Thursday, August 25, 2011

Talk to your near and dear ones who are far away with Post Office phone cards

There were times when talking to loved ones in a distant country seemed near to impossible and one would wait for a letter to know about their well being.But with technology advancements, not only can you talk to them but also see them. Phone cards are one such technology wherein you can make calls for cheap rates there are many players in the market. office phone cards, euro city pack, loco twin pack, cheers, etc.

There are basically a few things you need to know about the phone cards – one is a prepaid card i.e. you make calls till the value in your card is depleted and the card is disposed, the other is a phone credit card wherein you can make calls and it is later charged to a landline account.

These phone cards are the best way to make international calls especially for students they also have a facility wherein they can recharge or find out their balance in their account at any point of time. The phone service providers not only offer competitive rates but there are free calls too at specified times during the week/weekend. They prepaid cards normally have a validity of 3 months and come in different denominations. office phone card comes in £10 and £5 denominations they are valid for 2 months whereas £20 valid for 3 months.

So before you take a phone card check for rates, validity period, free calls, discounts and denominations, also check online for the best deals so that you get true worth for money.

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